A lot of us waste time hopelessly staring at the things we have in our pantries and fridge, like a can of tomato paste and package of deli meat, desperately wondering what to make for dinner. We also throw out about 20 POUNDS of food each month. To solve the wasted food and "what's for dinner" problem, there's a new crop of recipe sites called Online Pantries that'll help you whip up Top Chef-quality recipes using every random item in your kitchen. * First, there's RecipeMatcher.com. Simply enter in the ingredients you have on hand, like lettuce, Sour Cream, and Pork Tenderloin. The site will save the list, and automatically generate a matching list of recipes that contain only the ingredients you have: Everything from fancy Italian cuisine. to meals that take less than 30 minutes to make. * Another online pantry site that'll save you time and money: SuperCook.com. You type in the staples you keep in your kitchen all the time, like chicken and whipped cream. Every time you add an item, your potential breakfast, entree, and dessert lists will be automatically updated. Also, the site will create a list of simple things to buy that'll dramatically increase your recipe options even more. Just one extra ingredient, like bread crumbs, could create dozens of new meals. * Finally, want to cook like Martha Stewart? It's easy with Yummly.com. Again, you simply enter the ingredients you have on hand. Then you can sort lists of recipes from Martha Stewart and the Food Network by a whole range of criteria, like if you're making dinner for a vegan friend. Or you only want to see recipes that contain low-cholesterol because you're on a new diet.