Ladies, if you’d like a surefire way to tell when you’ve found “The One” – we’ve got it: See whether he’s gotten a thumbs-up from your friends and family! Why? Because if the people who care most about you – and know you the best – feel you’re good together, odds are, you’ve found a good match.

Dr. Benjamin Lee writes for the Science Of Love website. And he says, people are usually overly optimistic about their relationships. Because, when it comes to our own love lives, we can have blinders on. We may overlook the bad things trying to make a relationship work – because we’re trying to protect our own self-esteem. No one wants to think they’re not a good judge of character – so we think our relationships are better than they actually are.

Basically - love is blind but your friends aren’t. And even though your friends and family might not see everything that goes on in your relationship, they probably know the important stuff – and more importantly can see how you two behave when you’re together. Your friends aren’t under any psychological pressure to fool themselves about your relationship. So, if you really want a solid perspective on your relationship – ask your friends what they think.

If your friends like him, odds are it’s a good match. In a study, a woman's friends could predict the fate of a couple's relationship better than the couple themselves. So, go ahead and listen to your friends' advice.