Prepare to get to know your neighbors a whole lot better! Because a new social media site called is designed to help you and your neighbors connect, and share neighborly info - everything from trustworthy babysitters, to reports of wild skunks, to yard sale info, to crime activity. In fact, a growing number of police and fire departments are teaming up with the site because they love how with just a few clicks, they can warn a whole street about local crime activity. Like break-ins, suspicious activity, or car chases! 

It’s free to join, but you have to verify that you live in the actual neighborhood, either by providing a credit card confirmation or by having the company send you a postcard with a code that you verify online. So far, 8-thousand neighborhoods are already using Nextdoor, with 40 new neighborhoods being added each day. And experts predict the site will only get more popular. That’s because a lot of people, these days, don’t even know their neighbors’ names – let alone have a chummy relationship with them, like in the old days, when neighbors borrowed sugar and kept an eye on each other’s kids.

But experts say that people still crave feeling connected to their neighbors because it gives them a sense of security and belonging and Nextdoor helps them achieve that by giving them an opportunity to interact and build relationships. 

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