Have you been to the ATM lately? The newest high-tech machines do a lot more than make deposits and offer cash withdrawals for crisp twenties. 

Today’s new-fangled machines can do about 80-percent of the things a teller can do. 

For example: At some ATMs, customers can swipe a debit card, credit card, or driver's license to verify their ID. And a live teller in a call center will pop up onscreen to assist them. The new ATMS also let you cash checks and get exact change, down to the penny. And make loan payments, pay credit card bills, and split deposits between checking and savings accounts.

Some of today’s ATMs also provide screens that are customized to each customer’s habits. In other words, if you always deposit your paycheck and get $80 dollars back, that’ll be your first option. 

And some ATMS even allow customers to log in using their fingerprints instead of an ATM card and a PIN number. And if your debit or credit card is lost or stolen – or you can’t find your wallet - you’ll be able to scan your fingerprint at an ATM, and get a new card within minutes. 

One drawback? The high-tech machines are more expensive than normal ATMs. So the fee to use them may be higher too.