Newsflashes courtesy of Ananova .com:

  • The National Farmers Union in Scotland is sending out relaxation CD's to 114 farmers. But the CD's aren't for the farmers. The farmers are supposed to play the CD's to their turkeys. The tracks on the CD include wind chimes, whale sounds, and a chorus of "happy turkey" sounds. The idea behind the campaign is to reduce disease in the birds by reducing their stress.
  • And in England, the first canine classroom assistant has been appointed to a secondary school in Derbyshire. The school is for children with behavioral problems. The puppy will be used in the classroom as a therapy dog, similar to the dogs used at the World Trade Center after 9-11, to give comfort and help calm down the kids who are hyperactive.
  • And a new study shows that the most dangerous job in Sweden is reindeer herding. No, it's not a seasonal Christmas job. Reindeer in Sweden are raised on ranches and used for hides and meat, like cattle in the U.S. And there are more work-related injuries and fatalities for reindeer herders than any other occupation in Sweden--Including police work. Bet that's making your boring old desk job look better and better--