Attention, travelers! Airports everywhere are beefing up safety procedures. So, here are the top new screening methods experts say will be a part of flying in the next few years.

  • First: Get ready for Q-and-A. The Transportation Security Administration is currently testing behavioral questioning at Boston’s Logan Airport. Specially-trained officers will ask probing questions.  Like, “Why did you pack flip-flops for your Alaskan cruise?”, and watch for suspicious responses. For example, fliers who avoid eye contact, or struggle to answer questions will be pulled out of line for extra scrutiny.

  • Then, would you believe you may not have to take off your shoes at the airport ever again? Ever since a terrorist smuggled a bomb onto a plane in his shoe, it’s become standard practice for shoes to be X-rayed at security check points. But airports are developing a program that’ll identify how likely a terrorist threat you are. Using info you already supply to the airline, like your name, birthday, and address. If you’re a low-threat, you’ll be able to skip the shoe and laptop exams and head straight for your gate.

  • And the final new airport screening system: You won’t need an ID to get through security, you’ll just need your hand. That’s because airports will keep an electronic record of your fingerprints. Then every time you fly, instead of using your license to confirm your identity, you’ll place your hand on a digital scanner that’ll quickly match your prints to your identity.