The next time you hit the drugstore to buy supplies for an at-home manicure, you might have to show a valid driver's license. In some places, you can’t buy a bottle of nail polish remover without it. 

The reason is because a lot a removers contain acetone, which is a critical ingredient in the illegal manufacture of crystal meth. And an increasing number of national pharmacy chains are trying to keep acetone from falling into the wrong hands. For example, at CVS, they scan your ID into their database, and you can only purchase one 32-ounce bottle of acetone every 24 hours at any of their stores. 
Of course, if you and 50 of your closest friends need gallons of nail polish remover for a night of continuous manicures, you can avoid the hassle by buying a non-acetone version. It’s not as strong, so it might take a little more elbow grease to remove stubborn metallic or glittery polish. But it’ll be healthier because acetone dries out your skin and makes your nails a lot more brittle.