What’s the latest holiday trend? A lot of parents aren’t buying toys to put under the tree – they’re renting them, instead. They say it helps them avoid spending big bucks on the latest must-have toys. And their homes aren’t cluttered with abandoned toys that their kids get tired of within weeks or months. It also gives the holidays a “greener theme” - because parents know that any unwanted toys won’t end up in a landfill.

For example, the toy rental service Toy-ga-roo. They don’t offer hard-to-ship items like tricycles and dollhouses.  But they supply “filler games” that parents often feel pressured to put under the tree like puzzles, wooden toys, and educational electronics. A subscription costs $25 a month. You get 4 toys worth about $300 dollars and you can swap a toy out at any time for an extra fee. So, what happens if your child breaks a toy, or loves it so much they can’t give it up? You can buy it at a discount.

Then there’s BabyPlays.com. They charge $20 a month, or $5 a toy. And they offer things like crib mobiles, stacking toys, and wooden train sets. And you don’t have to pay extra if a piece is lost, or a toy is slightly damaged.

And the trend toward used toys continues at the website ThredUp.com.  It’s kind of a digital hand-me-downs website, where you can buy and sell used toys.

If you’d like to go further, I’ll post the links at Tesh.com.