When you’re not feeling 100 percent, sometimes a natural cure can be the best cure.

Here are a few to try:

  • First: If you get a bee sting, reach for the lemon juice. Acidic liquids like lemon juice or vinegar can act as a powerful anti-sting treatment. That’s because venom in stingers tends to be alkaline, so applying something acidic can counteract the poison – and prevent it from spreading and swelling. Just dab a drop or two on the spot as fast as you can after getting stung.

  • Next: If you’re feeling anxious, pinch your hand. The fleshy portion between your thumb and index finger, to be exact. Pinch it firmly for 3 minutes. Acupressure specialists and physicians often prescribe this move to help reduce stress and relieve headaches. 

  • And one last natural remedy that really works: If you have indigestion, try some aloe vera. Hawaiians consider it a cure-all plant. Not only do they rub it on cuts and sunburns, they eat the gel to help calm an upset stomach, or relieve constipation. And research shows that aloe vera can help soothe ulcers. Just make sure you get the kind of gel that’s meant for internal use.