Here are a few myths busted wide open about what's safe for your pet to ingest, courtesy of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center:

  • The first myth: giving your dog beer is no big deal. That's FALSE. Experts say that even a small amount of alcohol can disorient an animal, and lead to an injury.
  • Cats love milk. The answer is: NOT REALLY. Kittens can definitely drink milk. But most adult cats find regular cow's milk hard to digest - so it can upset their stomach. If you want to give your cat milk, ask your vet about reduced-lactose products, like Whiskas Cat Milk.
  • All mushrooms are poisonous. That's FALSE. Just like with humans, the mushrooms you buy in the grocery store are perfectly safe for dogs and cats. But the ones that grow in the woods or your backyard are likely to be toxic.
  • Plants are a safe snack for cats. That's FALSE. Grass may be fine. But even small amounts of plants like tulip bulbs, poinsettias, lilies, or geraniums, can cause everything from kidney failure to heart problems and death.
  • And the final food-and-pet myth: If your pet eats a pill you dropped, it can't really hurt them. That's also FALSE. Over-the-counter pills and prescription meds for people pose huge health risks for pets, especially pain relievers. So if you drop a pill on the floor, find it ASAP. And if your pet gets to it first, call your vet. If you'd like to go further, log onto the website and click on Animal Poison Control.