Here's an inside peek into a woman's personality on the very first date. This comes from Rodale Publications. Let her play with your radio dial. Or have her pick out a CD to listen to. According to a study done at The University of Texas, musical preferences say a lot about a woman's personality. Peter J. Rentfrow spearheaded the research, and here's what he came up with. If she picks:

  • Pop, country or Christian: she's outgoing, and if you get a flat tire, she'll probably jump out and help. She's also a traditionalist, so be on your best behavior.

  • Rock-n-roll - If she wails on air guitar, she's a risk-taker who likes physical challenges. She also gets high marks for being intelligent.

  • If she picks hip-hop, soul or funk she's spontaneous. Also, people who are into rhythmic, energetic tunes are chatty rule-breakers, with a strong forgiving side.

  • If your date prefers folk, jazz or classical music, she's into the arts. You'll wanna take her to a French film rather than mini-golfing. And if you talk politics, she'll lean to the left.