You're a hard worker and a good employee, but you feel like you get passed over when it comes to moving up the ladder. And you may be right! Recruiters say that keeping your nose to the grindstone isn't the best way to get ahead anymore. Here are some better ideas:

  • First: Meet people in other departments. Being known throughout the company is the route to future promotions and raises. And if you're asked to head a committee, include people you've never worked with before.
  • Next: Join an outside group. Being part of a professional organization is useful if it's valued by your employer. When you send out e-mail as a spokesperson for the group, you'll be seen as a leader.
  • Another way to get noticed at work: Learn a new technology. If you set yourself up as an authority on a topic, others will come to you. Try to predict trends in your field and start learning the necessary skills now. And don't be shy about it, let everyone know what you're doing.
  • Also: Take on something unpopular. If there's a project that's scaring everyone else but has potential if it succeeds - go for it. Even if it's only partly successful, you'll be viewed as someone willing to go beyond the call of duty
  • And finally: If you want to get noticed at work, remember to limit yourself. Choose your activities carefully and focus on doing them well. Don't spread yourself too thin. You want to be seen as someone on the way up, so start laying the groundwork right away. You'll be at the top of that corporate ladder in no time!