A new study published in the journal "Appetite" found that men and women gain an average of 4 pounds in the first year of living together. Why?
Because you're nesting   you're building a home together--That means more meals together, drinking alcohol more often, and sharing a quart of ice cream while watching CSI. But you don't have to stay single to stay lean--Just follow these tips from Shape magazine.

  • They say, first and foremost, talk to your partner about eating habits before you move in together. That alone can prevent you from packing on the pounds because eating doesn't become a mindless activity.
  • Agree not to give each other food gifts. So no box of chocolates to say "I love you"--And no big steak dinner to say, "I'm sorry I used your razor"--
  • Also, don't fall back on food as entertainment. Some couple will go out for ice cream even if they're not hungry just to get out of the house. Instead, head to the video store, or a museum, or the park. You don't need food to have fun.
  • Another food "don't" for cohabitating couples: Don't settle into rituals that revolve around food. That means Friday night can be poker night   but it's not pizza and poker night.
  • And lastly, do create non-food rituals--Like walking the dog together after work or reading the Sunday paper together. Rituals are about bonding anyway, and the only thing food will bond to are your love handles.