Tell me if you’ve heard this before. Sit Up Straight! Eat Your Peas! Your mother’s advice may grate your nerves at times, but some of those nuggets of wisdom are helpful! So here’s some motherly advice you should actually listen to.

  • Nugget #1: “Just go to sleep, dear. Your problem will work itself out in the morning.” According to Dr. Lawrence J. Epstein, author of The Harvard Medical School Guide To A Good Night’s Sleep, your brain doesn’t operate well when you’re tired. And this may cause you to feel more emotional and on-edge when you have a problem. But sleeping on it will give your body a chance to rest – and your head a chance to clear – so you’ll be able to think more rationally in the morning.
  • Nugget #2: “Stop wasting your money on fancy shoes! You should be saving for a rainy day!” Unfortunately, this is true. That 200 dollar pair of heels may look nice, but you’ll wish that money were in your pocket if your car breaks down or your water heater explodes. So skip the shoes and put the money into your savings account instead.                            
  • “If you want a raise, ask for it. The worst they’ll say is no.” Your boss isn’t a mind reader. So if you think you’ve worked hard enough to earn a bigger paycheck, ask for it! Of course, this doesn’t mean you can waltz in and say ‘gimme!’ If you’d like a raise, follow this advice from career coach Lynn Berger: List what you’ve done in the past year that has helped improve the company or your department. Then, set up a meeting with the big cheese to present your case. Even if your boss can’t give you what you want, it’ll at least bring your hard work to their attention, which could set you up for future benefits.  

And ladies, here are a few pieces of old fashioned mom-advice you should ignore:

  • “Never, ever telephone a man.”
  • “It’s his job to keep track of your finances”
  • And one final piece of mom advice you should ignore: “Don’t act too intelligent or he won’t want to be with you.”