Brides-to-be, have you hired a photographer to shoot you and your groom the day after your wedding? If the answer’s “yes,” you’re part of the latest trend in the wedding world. It’s called “day after the wedding” shoots, where a photographer goes to your honeymoon hotel suite, or wherever you spent your wedding night, and starts snapping pictures of your first day as husband and wife. 

They capture everything from you taking a bubble bath together, to relaxing in your PJs eating room service breakfast in bed.

A lot of brides love it because they say on their wedding day, they’re too exhausted from running around, dancing, and cutting the cake, so they look harried in their pictures. They also don’t like the cookie-cutter nature of most wedding pictures because everybody has a ”first dance” picture. 

But what makes the “day-after the wedding” shoot so special is that it’s a way for the photographer to take relaxed shots of the couple and have the focus on them.

So, tell me, would you want your first day as man and wife documented in photos? Or do you think it’s a private day? Comment at