It used to be incredibly rare for anyone under age 40 to have a heart attack… But that’s changing! According to the American College of Cardiology, although rates of heart attacks in people age 65 and up are declining - heart attacks among people under age 40 are climbing! So why is that?

First, we’re getting heavier and staying that way. The number of obese kids has tripled since the 1970s - and heavy kids tend to become heavy adults. There’s also been a decrease in the amount of physical activity kids and young adults are getting - as they spend more time on technology. And extra weight makes the heart work harder.

Another reason for the rise in heart attacks among younger adults? Stress is hitting younger. 22 to 40 year olds are the most stressed-out demographic of all. And that can lead to blood clots, high blood pressure, and bad health habits that contribute to heart attacks.

So eat healthier, get more exercise, quit smoking and find healthy ways to cope with stress to lower your heart attack risk.