What’s the best day to start a diet and exercise plan? Monday! Here are three reasons why:

  • It’s a fresh start. Liz Vaccariello is the Editor-in-Chief of Prevention magazine and author of The Flat Belly Diet. She says that Monday is the best day to kick off a health routine for one simple reason: it represents a clean slate, and that’s crucial for embracing a smarter lifestyle. Think about it. When Friday comes along, you’re thinking “What will I do this weekend?” In the same way, Monday is the day you take stock of the week ahead. It’s when you look at your workload, appointments, and commitments. So, on the first day of the week, make a plan to keep your new healthy habits in mind.
  • Monday’s a trigger day. Studies show that when you’re about to embark on ANY healthy activity – like quitting smoking, riding your bike to work, or going to the gym – you’re more likely to follow through with the behavior if you have a set date or reminder. Monday comes around every seven days. So, Vaccariello says even if you get off track, another Monday is just around the corner. That’s a lot better than starting at the beginning of the month, because if you fall off the wagon, it doesn’t come around again for much longer. This gives you more opportunity to undo the good you have done.  
  • When Monday rolls around, you’ve just had 48 hours to prepare. If you try to launch a new healthy routine without time to get ready, you’re setting yourself up for failure. For example, you can’t eat healthier if there’s nothing healthy in the house to eat. So, use the weekend to grocery shop, dig out your workout clothes, write up a schedule, and give your junk food away. Vaccariello says do whatever it takes to get into a healthy living mindset.