What’ll be one of the top new college majors in the next few years? One expert thinks it’ll be Mobil-ology. That’s how mobile and wireless devices affect our behavior and culture. 

Florie Brize is a member of the Freedom Lab think tank. And she says mobile technology is changing every single thing about life – so there’s a huge need for students trained in “Mobilology.” 

Brizel envisions the degree would be the study of how mobile technology is affecting everything from manufacturing, to economics, to international relations.

So, what type of classes would Mobilology students take? Well, their psychology class could focus on how cellphones affect human behavior. And their health class could be about how smartphone apps can improve medical care. 

Creating an entirely new program devoted to mobile technology would cost big bucks and take lots of manpower to get it up and running. But Brizel says it’s a smart move that would benefit every industry. And the first University to have a Mobilology program will have bragging rights for decades. So when your grandkid is majoring in Mobilology, remember you heard it here first.