If your idea of making a home-cooked meal involves a microwave and "just adding water," you might be one of the millions of young adults who are lost in their own kitchen! According to CNN, most people between 20 and 40 say they can't cook! There are plenty of reasons - or excuses - why they don't know how to even boil an egg. Some say they'd rather eat out, or they don't like the mess, the clean-up, or they're too busy with work. Some say their kitchens are just too small.The fact that entire generations can't prepare food is kind of weird considering some of the most popular TV shows right now are about cooking, like "Top Chef" - celebrity chefs are all the rage, from Gordon Ramsay to Emeril Lagasse. There's even an entire network about food - and cookbooks are best sellers. So, how can so many people in North America not know how to cook?Jennifer Berg is a food studies expert at New York University. She says people today rely on microwaves, restaurants and takeout menus to feed themselves and their families. Lots of people think, read and talk about food, but there's a disconnect to actually knowing how to do something. Berg blames the culture of processed foods, frozen dinners, instant soups and fast-food chains that took hold in the 1970s. They flooded the market and replaced traditional home cooking. Plus, during that time the feminist movement strengthened, and fewer women were stay-at-home moms, and if Mom wasn't home cooking, the kids never learned. Is this really a problem? Researchers say yes. People who eat out not only spend more money on food, they usually consume more calories than people who eat at home. It might only get worse, because the generation who can't cook now has kids who are used to burgers, fries and snacks in plastic bags. They may never cook either. So, what can you do?* Watch the new "Cooking Channel." It's aimed at young adults who want to learn to cook.* Visit a food website like AllRecipes.com. Traffic has soared by 40 percent!* Learn to cook by taking cooking classes. For a list, check out LocalCookingClass.com.* There are even cooking classes for kids! For one near you, click on YoungChefsAcademy.com.