Time for a Millennial update: Experts say that the majority of young adults don’t have basic life skills anymore. For example, when baby boomers got married, 80% knew how to make a roast for Sunday dinner and hem a pair of pants. Today, less than half of newlyweds know how to do this. So, here’s a list of life skills that have bypassed an entire generation: 

  • First: Driving a stick shift. 90% of cars sold in 2011 had an automatic transmission, compared to just half in 1950. So most young drivers today have no clue how to shift gears or what the heck a clutch is.

  • Another disappearing life skill: Cooking! Even though it’s trendy for a lot of young adults to watch cooking TV shows, like “Top Chef.” Studies show that most Millennials get their food from fast food restaurants or the prepared-food section of the grocery store. 

  • Then, Millennials, when’s the last time you replaced a broken bathroom exhaust fan? Odds are, never! Experts say that in the 1970s, more than 70% of men learned basic home repair from their dads or shop class. But today, that number’s been cut in half.

         So they have to shell out cash to handymen for even basic D-I-Y projects. 

  • And the final disappearing life skill: Sewing on a button! It sounds incredibly basic, but because a lot of cash-strapped schools have scrapped home economics. So a lot of Millennials are keeping tailors and seamstresses in business because they don’t know how to do even simple tasks, like hemming pants or even sewing on a button.