Guys, I need to tell you something, man to man. We’re worse drivers than women.

Men are significantly more likely than women to drive dangerously – and while distracted – which is what leads to 80-percent of car crashes. 

So here’s how to drive smarter:

  • Stop driving drowsy. Men are more likely to drive drowsy than women. Overall, about 4-percent of people admit to falling asleep at the wheel once a month. So if you feel your eyes getting heavy, pull over for a 20-minute power nap. According to the Human Technology Research Institute, a 20 minute nap can help you feel more focused and alert.

  • Another driving tip for guys: Stop drinking and driving. Men do it more often than women. And a blood alcohol level of only point-oh-five (.05) – which is below the legal limit – impairs the average man as much as staying awake for 18-hours straight.

  • Guys, put down the cell phone. Men drive and dial more often, too. That reduces your attention to driving by 37-percent.

  • Men are also more likely to floor it than women. But speeding reduces the effectiveness of anti-lock brakes. So stop trying to pull off a ‘Fast and Furious’ move.

  • Lastly, men are more likely to eat behind the wheel. Half of all male drivers report eating while driving – which can reduce reaction time by 44-percent. So save snack time for when you get to where you’re go