Trophy wives are becoming history! That’s the word from sociologists. It used to be common for successful older men to marry beautiful, younger women. It made them feel virile and powerful. An example would be Donald Trump, who’s consistently married young, gorgeous models. 

But today, statistics show that a lot of men are ditching the trophy wife mentality, and going after “power brides,” who are ambitious, career-driven women of all ages. In fact, University of Texas researchers recently analyzed questionnaires dating back 50 years that asked men what they considered to be the most attractive characteristics in a mate. It used to be “beauty” and “domestic skills,” but today, at the top of men’s wishlist in a wife is “a strong work ethic” and “a good career.” 

Men today don’t want people to look at them and think, “Oh, she only married him for his money!” They want people to think, “Wow, he snagged a really smart, successful woman. He must be pretty smart and successful too.” 

Liza Mundy is the author of “The Richer Sex,” and she says the job market is another reason for the change in attitude. These days, it’s harder to support a family, so having a wife that earns a good living means all the financial stress isn’t on the husband’s shoulders. 

Also, experts say that for the last 2 decades, more women than men are going to college, so there’s a flood of highly-educated, single women on the market, and they won’t just settle for any guy who comes along. So guys, if you want to snag a smart, successful, beautiful wife, what’s now being called a “power bride” by Psychology Today, you have to be something special these days.