Hey ladies – you know that guy in accounting who followed you around for a month after you simply said “hello” to him? Well, there really is a logical explanation. According to Health magazine, men are likely to think you’re more attracted to them than you actually ARE. Researchers at Eton University in North Carolina asked hundreds of men and women to have a 5-minute conversation with a member of the opposite sex. Afterward, they filled out questionnaires rating their perceptions of themselves and the person they spoke with – in terms of extroversion, agreeableness, flirtatiousness and physical attractiveness. They also rated their overall interaction.

The results? The men said the women were more flirtatious than the women rated themselves – or their partner. And the guys thought they were MORE attractive than the women rated them. OUCH! Study leader Dr. Maurice Levesque says that the way a man perceives himself isn’t usually the same as what a woman sees. It’s INFLATED! So ladies, when you smile at a guy, or laugh at his lame jokes out of politeness, he’ll think you’re really into him. Consider yourself warned!