We’re going to delve into the male mind and answer the questions women have been asking for ages.

  • To start, why do men keep their cars spotless but live like slobs at home? And for women it’s the other way around. The answer comes from psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen and his book The Essential Difference: Male and Female Brains. The simple version is this, the male brain is switched on by mechanical things. And the female brain is switched on by personal interaction. So a man will take pride in his machine, also known as his car, and a woman will take pride in her home, where she has her personal interactions. 

  • Okay, another male / female conundrum. Why do men like to watch violent sports, like mixed martial arts, and a lot of women would rather do almost anything else? While it’s true that MMA has female fans, guys are drawn to violent sports like football, boxing and MMA in ways that women aren’t. According to Dr. Lucy Brown, a professor of neuroscience, it’s all about testosterone. The more testosterone a person has, the more they’re attracted to things that ignite it. And since testosterone is linked to aggression and combat, men are drawn to violent sports. And even just watching a football player get sacked increases testosterone levels. 

  • Lastly, why do guys like to date around while women want a commitment? According to Dr. Lisa Diamond, a professor of psychology and gender studies, it’s primal. Men are hardwired to produce as many offspring as possible so their genes will live on, and women are hardwired to find a mate to protect their offspring. It’s as simple as that.