A company out of Oklahoma just teamed up with the American Ambulance Association for the latest breakthrough in emergency medical technology. It’s called The Invisible Bracelet. Here’s how it works: For five bucks a month you get a personalized pin number that you store on a card in your wallet or on a traditional medical alert bracelet. That number is connected to a database with all your important medical information. That way, in an emergency, the ambulance driver has immediate access to your information and can get you the right treatment. The system also stores up to ten emergency contact names, along with email addresses and numbers. If anything happens, everyone on your list will get a text message or an email with all the details.

The new system has been on the market in Oklahoma for less than a year and already 100,000 people have signed up. The biggest fans are ambulance drivers. James Finger is the president of the American Ambulance Association. He says all too often drivers don’t have the information they need to get patients the best treatment. For instance, if a driver doesn’t know someone’s a diabetic, they can easily mistake insulin shock for a stroke and not administer a lifesaving insulin shot right away. Also, there’s not enough space on those little medical alert bracelets to give EMT’s all the information they might need. With the Invisible Bracelet there’s plenty of space to list all the most important medical data.

Last year, 120 MILLION people needed emergency care, and many of them could have been helped faster if they’d had an Invisible Bracelet. There’s one important thing to remember here: the Invisible Bracelet won’t work without you! Emergency Physicians say if your medical information isn’t kept up to date, the whole system is useless. The Invisible Bracelet will go nationwide this year so check InvisibleBracelet.org to see when it will be available in your area.