Are you ready for a smartphone app to analyze your moods?

That’s the promise of a new app being tested, called Xpression. It’s voice-activated - meaning it starts running whenever it hears us speak. Then, it analyzes subtle changes in our speech patterns – like changes in the volume, intensity, pace, and pitch of our voice. And based on what the app “hears,” it can tell if we’re feeling happy, sad, angry, or something else.

Why would you want an app to track your moods? Dr. Tracey Parsons is a psychologist who says it’s all about improving our mental health. Because a proven way of diagnosing problems like anxiety, stress, or depression, is to have patients fill out a “mood diary” – where they write down every emotion they feel throughout the day.

Dr. Parsons says the problem with mood diaries is that only 1-in-3 patients actually fill them in correctly! After all, it’s a hassle to stop what we’re doing, think about how we’re feeling, and then write it down in a diary. And that makes it hard for doctors to recommend a treatment.

That’s why experts describe the new Xpression app as a “turbo-charged” version of mood diaries.

And it's incredibly accurate.

It can pick up on nuances in the human voice that even a professional may not hear - that give clues about our health, from diseases to mood disorders. 

That’s why Cogito Health in Boston already uses voice recognition software to diagnose depression and post traumatic stress syndrome.

For now, Xpression is only in the testing phase. But the plan is to put out a version that you can download to your phone by the end of this year……