Ladies, would you be more likely to go back to work after having a baby if your job offered better maternity leave benefits?

According to a new Google study, that’s one solution to a growing problem in today’s companies. Basically, companies say they’re having a hard time keeping their best female workers from quitting after they become pregnant! In fact, when Google counted all the reasons their own employees gave for quitting, one fact stood out: Women were twice as likely to quit if they recently had a baby.

That statistic left a lot of executives scratching their heads. After all, more than half of North American employers offer some form of maternity leave, with pay. So, shouldn’t that be enough to keep working mothers from leaving?

Actually, a spokesperson from the Families And Work Institute says it’s not, because only about 1-in-20 employers offer leave with full pay for new mothers, and that number is dropping. The thinking is that North American companies should offer something more like Sweden. That’s where workers, both men and women, get more than a year of paid paternity leave.

And with the extra time off, experts say new Moms have a chance to get their bodies and minds back on track, so they’ll be less likely to leave their jobs.

And by the way: Google’s research backs that up. Because when the company recently changed their maternity leave policy, offering two extra months leave, with full pay instead of partial pay, the rate of women quitting was cut in HALF.