We’re losing the art of offline dating.

That’s the message from a growing number of dating experts who say people raised in the age of dating sites and social media often have no idea how to meet new people in the real world. That’s because when we’re online we don’t have to look people in the eye. We also can’t read their body language, and we miss out on the social cues that tell us when it’s appropriate to strike up a conversation - or back off and stop talking! Plus, with dating sites, we never really have to deal with rejection. Because unlike when someone rejects us in person, if someone turns us down online, another potential date is just a click away.

So, before we forget them for good, here are the important skills experts say we need for mastering the art of offline dating:

  • First: Be honest. When we’re online, we tend to puff ourselves up, make ourselves sound better than we are, because we’re not confident enough with who we really are. In the real world, you can’t hide behind those lies, and being genuine and real makes a person come across as more confident and attractive.

  • The 2nd offline dating skill: Bring the energy. Online, you can craft your words carefully. But in person, when we’re nervous, we give off a shy vibe that’s unattractive. So, even if you have to fake it at first, learn how to get animated, smile, and be interested in what others are saying. Because when you’re interested in others, it makes you seem more interesting yourself!

  • Lastly: Practice being social. Like when you’re at a coffee shop, and someone in line mentions your favorite band. Put your phone in your pocket and strike up a conversation. Finding common ground is the first step in attraction. But it’s harder to do when you can’t scan someone’s dating profile.