Prenups aren’t just for celebrities anymore.

In fact, most attorneys now recommend prenuptial agreements for all married couples, because they help prevent surprises just in case your marriage ends in divorce.

As you probably know, a “prenup” is simply a contract that lists personal items that can’t be taken by your spouse in a divorce. But there are a few things you may not know about prenuptial agreements, according to attorney Bob Nachshin.

  • First: They have to be fair. A good example is if you own a business that’s almost worthless when you marry. Your spouse may agree to give that up in the prenup, but if that business turns into the next Google by the time you divorce, a judge may reconsider whether the agreement was “fair.”

  • Also: Prenups work better for OLDER couples. The thinking is that if you’re older, you’re more likely to have children from a previous marriage,  or a business, that you need to protect.

  • Finally: When should you SIGN your prenup? Nachshin recommends signing it at least three months before your wedding, when it’s clear which property truly belongs to you. Otherwise, you’ll be so focused on dividing things up for your prenup, that you’ll miss out on the joy of getting married.