Marriage and divorce are life-changing events.  And the stress can have a big impact on your weight.  But experts say that men and women are affected differently.

Researchers from Ohio State University surveyed over 10,000 people starting in their late teens, and tracked them for more than 30 years. The result: Within 2 years of marriage, women tend to gain more weight than men.  But within 2 years of a divorce, the men are more likely to gain weight.

What’s going on here? Researchers believe that women gain more weight after marriage because they tend to eat more and exercise less once they set up a household and start a family. On the flip side, husbands stay thinner because their wives encourage them to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  In fact, they often lose weight. But once they split up, the men often return to their bachelor ways which means, more restaurant meals, fast food, pizza and beer.

What’s the fix on this? Watch what you eat – weigh yourself regularly – and get at least 15 minutes of exercise every day.