Guys: Do you have a “man cave”?  According to the book Manspace: A Primal Guide To Marking Your Territory, man caves are all the rage today. They’re usually small rooms in the basement or the garage, where guys go to watch sports, play games, hang out with their buddies and basically forget about their responsibilities as husbands, fathers, or employees.

Man caves are so popular, there’s even a TV show called “Man Caves,” where a team of contractors builds “dream” caves for men. Host Jason Cameron says there are a few essentials that every man cave has – including a big screen TV and a comfortable chair. But we’ve also read about man caves decorated with pinball machines, fishing gear, trophies, and framed sports jerseys.

In fact, some experts have described man caves as “ego caves,” because they tend to be shrines to their owners. Others see them as an extension of bachelorhood – where guys can show off the life they lived before marriage and kids.  Plus, once they are married with kids, it’s hard for guys to spend time hanging out with their friends in sports bars.

But with a man cave, you can have your own sports bar right at home.  All you need is a giant TV and a subscription for “NFL Sunday Ticket”.