Researchers have learned male and female brains are actually built differently. Here are the details...

The human brain is made primarily of 2 different types of tissue: **Gray matter**, which is used to process information – like a computer, and **white matter**, which networks the output - like the Internet. Everyone’s brain contains white and gray matter, but men and women have different amounts, Which helps explain why they tend to excel at different things.

Richard Haier is a psychology professor at the University of California at Irvine and he recently discovered that men have almost 7 times more gray matter than women. Which equips men to handle specialized tasks, like math problems, which require what scientists call “local processing.”

On the flip side, women have nearly 10 times the white matter as men, which makes them terrific at integrating and assimilating information. Which means, they’re better at languages, non-verbal communication, and even empathizing with others.

So, does this mean women are smarter than men, or vice-versa? No. Despite their different brain composition, men and women perform equally well on intelligence tests.