It used to be that if you wanted a big raise, or to move up the career ladder, your best bet was to job hop – switching companies every few years, learning a few new skills and moving on. Today, research shows that workers who stick with one company are getting promoted more quickly than those who job-hop every few years. But the key to raises and promotions is finding a way to make yourself indispensable. Here’s how, courtesy of Brian Kropp, an executive advisor whose company analyzed the data from over 50,000 employee surveys:

  • Be flexible. More than half of employees surveyed say their jobs have changed significantly over the past year – mostly due to shifting job duties. Your best bet: Make sure your boss sees you as someone who can jump in wherever needed – and get the job done - no matter what’s happening around you.

  • Stay current, and share what you learn. That means, keep tabs on the trends in your industry. And share your new knowledge by blogging, writing articles, making presentations, or serving on conference panels. It shows you know what you’re doing - and that you’re willing to use your knowledge to help other people solve problems.

  • You can also get ahead by being a team player. Yes, that term is overused, but these days, loners don’t get ahead. Fitting in with the culture of your workplace is the new definition of a great employee.

  • Go out of your way to get management experience. And accept any opportunity to manage other employees, no matter how small and trivial the task – or how large and daunting it seems. Which means, if someone says there’s a job to be done, raise your hand first, and ask for help later. Our expert says that if you want to get ahead, the biggest mistake you can make is to pass up an opportunity to learn, and to show the boss what you’ve got.