Are you squirreling away political memorabilia from this year’s presidential election, hoping your stash may be worth something someday? Here’s what you need to know, courtesy of antiques and arts appraiser Mark C. Grove.

  • Shop at official party sites, instead of at a retail store. No matter what you collect, you’ll get more return on your investment. Why? Because items endorsed by the party are approved by the candidate, which makes them more collectible, whether they’re t-shirts, or bobble-head dolls.

  • Anything with a candidate’s picture or signature on it. Personalized memorabilia is less common. And the more rare and unusual something is, the more a serious collector will pay for it.

  • Anything with a city or state name on it. That’s because fewer mementoes are produced that have a regional affiliation – especially an important one, like a campaign button for the Iowa caucus. And when it comes to collectibles, rarity always drives up prices.

  • Memorabilia must-have: anything with a mis-print, or a spelling mistake. Say, a poster with the wrong date, or a mug with the candidate’s name misspelled. They may have to be trashed and redone now. But mistakes that make something unique will put it at the top of any collector’s must-have list.