Is your job making you depressed? A new study found 1 in 6 people are depressed on the job and it’s affecting their work life and their home life.

It’s not just a crummy commute or a drab office with no window that has people down. Dr. Adam Kaplin is a professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and he says the biggest on-the-job depression trigger is your boss. Most people say a great boss who gives them feedback and grooms them to move up the ladder is worth more than a hefty paycheck. But when you hate the boss, the paycheck doesn’t make up for it. In fact, more people leave jobs because of a bad boss than a lousy paycheck!

Other depressing on-the-job factors include nasty coworkers, long hours, and an unsafe work environment.

And, you may think people who work at home in their PJ’s are the happiest people, but they’re also at huge risk. Psychologists say that’s because the family dog may be the only social interaction they get all day which can be very isolating.

What’s the job with the highest rate of depression? Nursing care provider, because they spend most of their days taking care of sick people and there are very few positive moments.

But if you want to turn around a bad job - psychologists say the key is feeling challenged and fulfilled. So go to your supervisor and tell them you’re looking for a challenge. And find meaning in what you do. If you work in a factory, know that the product you’re making is benefiting people and what you do has value.