What’s the latest over-the-top trend in the fashion world? Gold-plated contact lenses that surround your pupils with twinkling diamonds!

The $15,000 lenses literally make your irises glow. But they look kind of spooky.  And some people have even called them demonic-looking.

They’re made from so-called “scleral lenses” – huge plastic domes that cover the entire white of the eye. And have to be filled with saline solution before you put them on. Those types of contacts are normally only used to treat people with severe eye disease.  But the fashion world has adopted them because extra protection is needed to prevent the gold and diamonds from touching – and maybe scratching – your corneas.

But critics say diamond-encrusted contacts – even pricey ones – are just as dangerous as other non-prescription “vanity” lenses – like the colored lenses you can buy on the Internet. Because if they don’t fit properly, aren’t cleaned properly or aren’t inserted with sterile fingers, they can cause scratches and raging infections, which are incredibly painful, and can damage your eyesight.

Want to make a statement with fancy contact lenses? Go see an eye doctor.