Bad body language could be keeping you from your dream job - even if you have strong credentials! That’s according to Forbes Magazine. The fact is, only 7 percent of a first impression is based on what you say, 38 percent is your tone of voice, and an overwhelming 55 percent of a first impression is based on body language. So here’s how to make your body language work in your favor.

  • First, know this: The first 3 to 7 seconds count big-time. That’s the amount of time it takes to make your first impression. So always grasp the interviewer’s hand firmly and look them straight in the eye when introduced. Thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you. And try not to sit down before the interviewer does. 

  • Then, in most interviews, there’s a desk between you and the interviewer - which establishes a safe “personal space” for both of you. But if there isn’t a desk in the room, don’t get too close to your prospective boss – anything under two feet makes people feel uncomfortable.  

  • Now, sometimes an interviewer will take a call just to see how you handle the interruption. If they do, motion to the interviewer that you’re willing to step outside to give them privacy. If he shakes his head no – busy yourself with personal papers to create a sense of privacy. 

Now here’s a quick list - don’t ever do these in a job interview:

  • Don’t stand with both hands in your pockets – it shows a lack of confidence. 

  • Don’t sit with legs crossed while shaking one leg – it’s a sign of discomfort. 

  • Don’t stare at the floor – it shows a lack of interest. 

  • Don’t rub the back of your head or neck – it’s a sign of stress.  

  • And don’t point your feet toward the door or lean that way – it’s a sign that you’re ready to flee.