Don’t blow your top! Learn how to hold your temper when you’re seriously ticked off.  Here are 3 common scenarios and how to control yourself.

Like, if someone’s talking during a movie. Dr. Pier Forni wrote the book “The Civility Solution” and he says, instead of thinking the person is intentionally being rude – tell yourself it’s probably just a bad habit they picked up watching DVDs on their couch at home. We’re so used to that now, we forget we can’t do that at the movies. So try this approach.  Say, “I’m a huge George Clooney fan, and I’ll be so bummed if I miss a word. Do you mind keeping it down?” If that doesn’t work – go get a manager.

So what if you’re bugged by the slow driver in the fast lane? Here’s what Dr. Leon James says you should do. He’s a psychology professor and founder of Dr. James says pretend the driver is your grandma. If you think of the driver as someone you would never get mad at – it’s less likely to trigger a negative response. Then think about the real reason you’re angry – you feel trapped. So roll your window down and scoot your seat back, until you can find a safe time to pass.

One last aggravating situation? You’re talking to customer service. Ed Gagnon is the president of Customer Service Solutions – and says as soon as they pick up, establish a rapport by using their name. And if they say, “Well, that’s just our policy……” say something like, “Can you explain that policy Nick?” Using his name reminds you he’s a person, and most likely not the reason you’re angry, which will help keep you calm.