Got a house full of old stuff that you want to sell? Here are some of the best new resale websites, for selling the most common clutter:

For books, try Amazon’s new Sell Your Stuff service. All you do is search for the book you have, type in its condition, and set a price. Then, Amazon will tell you the going rate, and help you ship the book if someone buys it. For details, go to

Next, to sell used KID’S clothing, try Thred Up. That’s a service that mails you a bag that you fill with clothes, and then send back with a prepaid shipping label. Then, if the company thinks any of the items are sellable, they’ll pay you what they think they’re worth while the rest of the clothes get recycled. To go further, check out 

Or, you can do the same thing for WOMEN’S clothing, with a service called Closet Cleanse. Instead of a bag, they send you a box to fill with clothes.  Then, you’ll get paid a cut of any money made from the garments sold within eight weeks. To order a “closet cleanse” kit, go to this Website: Style.LY

Finally, to sell old gadgets and video games, use On that site, you just type in the name of the item you want to sell, and answer a few questions. Then, if someone wants to buy it, Glyde will send you a pre-addressed, prepaid shipping kit.  And once the customer receives your old gadget, you get paid. For details, go to