Are you flying or driving out of town this holiday season? There are a few smart phone apps that can help make the trip less stressful:

  • Try Flight Status. No matter where you’re headed, this $5 app gives you real-time updates on everything about your flight, including arrival times, gate numbers, expected delays and baggage carousel numbers.

  • The next app: Gate Guru, which helps you find your way around a lot of major airports. This free smart phone app even shows the locations of airport gift shops and restaurants.

  • Another helpful travel app: TSA Wait. With the use of new full-body scanners and pat-downs, lines at security checkpoints can be pretty long. This 99-cent app calculates the security wait time in advance.

What about the best driving apps?

  • First, there’s Where To? This $3 app uses GPS to direct you to any place you need to go, including restaurants, banks, and gas stations.

  • Speaking of gas, the free app Cheap Gas. It finds the least expensive gas station wherever you are, and gives you directions.

  • Another road trip app: Sit or Squat. This free app helps you find the closest and cleanest bathrooms, along with ratings and even pictures of the toilets!

  • The final smart phone travel app: It’s also free, and alerts you to delays due to accidents, construction, and bad weather, and shows them on an interactive map.

All the apps are available on the iTunes store – and some have free websites.