Chores have never been more fun for kids. That’s because new smartphone apps, designed especially for kids, make everything from mopping the floor to doing dishes a blast. 

What’s their secret? Most apps are similar to videogames and let kids create an “avatar” to represent them. As kids fold laundry or wash windows, they enter their progress into the app, which lets the avatar advance to the next level and often awards points. Then kids can redeem those points for privileges that their parents choose, like earning a few bucks or having a pizza night. Parents love that the apps take the hassle out of getting their child to help out. And it usually makes their kids want to do even more chores, since they want to compete against their siblings and earn more points. 
So what do the experts think? Jim Fay is the co-founder of the Love and Logic Institute. He says that anything that gets kids to do a chore is a good thing. That’s because chores teach kids to follow through on things and to have self-control. And research shows those skills are powerful predictors of academic and career success. 
So parents, here are a few of the most popular new chore apps you can check out:  
  • The “You Rule Chores” app. It costs $4, and lets your child earn electronic coins for every chore they do. 

  • Also, there’s ChoreMonster. It costs $5 bucks a month. Every time a child completes a chore, they receive points and rewards as they move through a virtual maze. 

  • Then if your kids like adventure stories, check out Epic Win. It lets you choose an avatar, like a King or Maiden, and then as you complete chores or “quests,” you move up the levels. You can also literally destroy your chores in the app’s battle scenes. It costs $3. You can buy all of the apps on iTunes.