Want to make a good impression?Whether it’s on an employer, a date, or someone you meet a party – try these tips.

  • Dr. Ann Demarais wrote the book “First Impressions.” Her best tip for making a good impression is to stop talking! She says a lot of people have the habit of rambling on and on – giving people way too much information during a first meeting. She calls it “male pattern lecturing” since men do it more often than women. The listener will nod politely as you drone on. So you’ll come away from the encounter thinking you were a genius, confident and interesting, but for the listener, it was a bust. They didn’t feel affirmed or appreciated. So stop focusing on if the conversation is going well for you, and focus on the person you’re speaking with. Making them feel good is as easy as asking about their day.

  • The next tip for making a good impression: Show your flaws. Dr. Demarais says we walk around trying not to be human, but if you’re putting up a front, and so is the other guy, what kind of conversation are you really having? She says it’s fine to be flawed, honest and real. When you let down your guard, you’ll be amazed how well you can connect.

  • First impression tip number 3: Use the person’s name. People feel special when they hear their own name, but don’t stop there. Learn the name of their dog, kids, and spouse. Then use that in a follow-up email or conversation. Say something like, “Did Bella pick a college yet?”

  • If it’s a job interview, don’t take all the credit. Managers tune in to that. Did you exaggerate your accomplishments? When asked about a weakness, did you restate a strength, like “I care too much.” That makes you seem insincere.

  • Finally – to make a good impression: Look interested. When your face is neutral, it reads to others that you’re not engaged in what they’re saying. Simply tilting your head conveys the message that you’re listening, and an eyebrow arch shows curiosity. So be aware of the message you’re sending, even if you’re not saying a word.