You don’t have to go broke buying pricey, organic foods to stay healthy. Here are a few surprisingly healthy foods that are also inexpensive: 

  • First: Iceberg Lettuce. It’s packed with fiber, iron and vitamin C. It also has bone-building vitamin K. Iceberg does everything from prevent dangerous plaque build-up in our arteries to boost digestion. Another benefit? Iceberg lettuce is one of the lowest calorie foods you can eat: one cup has roughly eight calories.  

  • Another budget-friendly health food: Potatoes. One medium baked potato is only 160 calories, but has four grams of stomach-filling fiber. And studies also show that the chemicals in potatoes improve heart health, boost immunity, lower blood pressure and protect against cancer. Plus when potatoes are cooked, then chilled, they’re packed with resistant starch. That can help you lose weight because it passes right through you. Just skip the fried potatoes because the grease kills their health factor. 

  • Then you can lower your grocery bill by ditching steel cut oats for instant oatmeal. Experts say that steel-cut oatmeal has slightly more fiber, but the instant packets contain the same disease-fighting whole grains, just in smaller pieces for quicker cooking.  

  • And what’s the final budget-friendly health food? Peanuts. They’re naturally cholesterol-free, packed with protein, and rich in heart-healthy unsaturated fat. Peanuts are also loaded with an antioxidant known as resveratrol. Yes, that’s the same compound found in red wine that's thought to prevent hardening of the arteries. Peanuts also lower your blood pressure. But not all peanuts are created equal. Salted peanuts contain high levels of sodium. Instead, go with dry roasted or unsalted peanuts.