Back in the '60s before sidewalks vanished and remote controls took over, people actually got up and got active. But these days, we're a little lazy. So, here are a few tips from Reader's Digest that'll help us drop a few pounds. See if you can remember how to do any of these.

  • Instead of sending an email, walk to a coworker's office and ask them a question. You'll burn 5 calories each visit.
  • Instead of driving your kid to the bus stop, walk them there. For a half-mile round trip, that's an extra 40 calories.
  • Rather than going to the car wash, scrub and vacuum your car by hand. You'll burn 140 calories.
  • Instead of playing video games with your kid, play catch. That's 130 calories more for an hour of playtime.

And finally, forget hiring someone to mow your lawn and do it yourself - with a push mower! You'll burn a whopping 420 calories every hour.