If you want a smaller waistline, don’t make all your diet and exercises changes at once – because that’s the number one reason why most diets fail. Instead, our friend, nutritionist Joy Bauer recommends changing one thing a week. So, here’s a month’s worth of small changes that can add up to big weight loss:

  • Week 1: Add one cup of fruits and vegetables to every meal. Studies show that consuming more produce helps people lose weight AND keep it off. That’s because whole fruits and vegetables contain so much fiber, it helps reduce sugar cravings, stabilizes blood sugar, slows digestion, and makes us less likely to overeat.

  • Week 2: Start walking 30 minutes a day. Duke University researchers studied obese people who were confirmed couch potatoes. And those who started walking 12 miles a week – which works out to about half an hour a day – lost weight, even if they didn’t change their eating habits at all! But once you lose weight, you’ll need to do more walking to keep burning the same number of calories. Because the thinner you get, the less effort it takes to do the same workout.

  • Week 3: Cut out liquid calories. That means, no more sugary sodas or calorie-rich coffee drinks. And the math backs this one up. Skipping just one 20-ounce soda a day cuts your total calorie intake for a year by 91,000 calories. That means, just by eliminating soda, you could lose about 26 pounds.

  • Week 4: Try going on a TV diet – and cut back on how much you watch. Research shows that dieters who watch less than 10 hours of TV a week are the most successful at losing weight. Why? Because they move more! In fact, for the average person, cutting out two hours of TV a day means 120 extra calories burned. And that means another 12 pounds lost in a year.