slowly but surely we're getting there. As we take better care of ourselves, the average life-expectancy keeps rising. But to keep you going on the right path to younger-ever-after, here are some more tips from iVillage:

  • Laugh! Research shows that a good laugh is as effective as a 10-minute workout of walking or rowing. It also lowers stress levels and heightens a body's natural defenses and antibodies.
  • Parlez-vous Francais? Move to France! A report by the World Health Organization says that the French live longer because they eat fresher food and rely less on unhealthy convenience food like we do.
  • Another fountain of youth tip--Get Along With Your Mother! Research done by the Harvard Medical School concluded that an astounding 91 percent of people who were not close to their mothers developed a serious disease--such as high blood pressure, alcoholism or heart disease by midlife.
  • Other way to live longer: have lots of kids   because the increased support from extended families seems to make people thrive into older age.
  • Or move to the country--People living in rural areas have a higher life expectancy than those living in cities. For example, people living on farms live an average of 84 years, while those living in nearby cities have an average life expectancy of 76, according to the Office for National Statistics.
  • And the fountain of youth can be found tickling the ivories--Brain cells work together, so learning a new skill, like playing the piano, improves your brain function   keeping your mind from declining as you age.

So get working on it now, and you'll live younger-ever-after!