You can now know if someone’s romantically interested in you without even talking to them! That’s the claim of a brand new smarphone app called Vital Signs.

App makers explain that when someone’s interested in you, their body involuntarily reacts, like with an increased heartbeat and a slight change in facial color, which is a phenomenon called “micro-blushing.” It’s not visible to the human eye. But it IS visible to the Vital Signs app, which costs a buck and claims it’s 99 percent accurate.

Here’s how it works. You stand a few feet away from your potential love interest, and casually wave your phone in front of their face for a few seconds. Then, the app uses the phone’s camera to detect movements in their chest and changes of color in their face. If the app determines that their breathing has quickened or their face changes color – then odds are, they like you!

So, would you use the Vital Signs app? Do you think waving your phone in front of someone’s face will scare off a potential love interest? 

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