Attention, fashionistas! You can look fashionable for a whole month for less than $50!

That’s because the new clothing company,, lets you “rent” a mix and match outfit, complete with jewelry, and return it for another one any time and as often as you want for $49 a month. Experts say it’s like Netflix for fashion.

But there’s one catch, you can’t pick which clothes you rent.

Here’s how it works. You complete a questionnaire that asks your fashion and color preferences. Then, they send you a package with two pieces of jewelry and three pieces of matching clothing, like a dress, skirt, and shirt. When the package arrives, you email the company and inform them if there’s anything you’d like to change for future orders, like you only want bright color clothes, or you prefer gold jewelry. Then, when you’re done with the outfit, you drop it in the mailbox, and they send you a new one.

So why would anyone want to rent clothing in the first place? Experts say it sounds like a waste of money, but could be a money-saving move, especially if you’re a shopaholic! 

A study found that the average North American buys 64 pieces of clothing a year, and that adds up to thousands of dollars. 

But with Le Tote, you can wear potentially 30 different outfits every month for $50 bucks. Meanwhile, if you were to buy 30 outfits, that’d set you back roughly $1,500 a month.

If you want to start renting your wardrobe, the site is