Think fairy tales are just for kids? Actually, those classic bedtime tales about witches, trolls, princesses and giants offer some great advice that adults can appreciate too. So, break out your Brothers Grimm, and consider these life lessons we found in Real Simple magazine.

  • From the Three Little Pigs: We’re taught to invest wisely and keep our insurance up to date. Just in case the elements huff and puff and blow our house down.
  • How about a life lesson from  The Adventures of Pinocchio? Lying doesn’t pay. Even if you CAN afford to get a nose job.
  • Here’s some grown up advice we got from the fairy tale**  Thumbelina**: Good things often come in small packages, and sometimes you have to kiss a few frogs to find your true prince.
  • If you’ve gone furniture shopping, you know this wisdom passed down from  The Princess And The Pea: Always test a mattress before purchasing!
  • Office managers will appreciate the life lesson learned from the story of  Rapunzel. When you’re in a jam, think outside the box. Because you probably already have all the tools you need to succeed!
  • Snow White And The Seven Dwarves taught us this one: To never, ever, accept food from a stranger.
  • The there’s this life lesson from The Little Mermaid: Don’t be afraid to venture outside your comfort zone every once in a while. Because you might be surprised by what you find.
  • Finally, here’s one more great lesson from  Jack And The Beanstalk: Don’t be greedy. Because if left unchecked, greed can get out of hand, until your whole world comes crashing down!