Volunteering makes us happier, healthier, and even helps us live longer. But a lot of people have no idea how to get started. So, here’s how to locate terrific volunteer opportunities in your community:

First there’s: VolunteerMatch.org. The website lets you sort volunteer positions by your age, interests, and available time. And the site’s spokesman, Robert Rosenthal, says 5 percent of the postings are for jobs that can be done at home, like fostering puppies for animal shelters. Which means, people who have a hard time getting out can still get their “helper’s high.”

The next source for volunteer opportunities is great for the whole family: Compassionatekids.com. Kelly Palmatier founded the site because volunteering is a proven way to develop strong family ties and to get your kids in the habit of giving back to their community.

If you’d like to use your business know-how to help others, check out The Taproot Foundation. They recruit people who’d like to offer their skills, and become pro-bono consultants to nonprofits in areas like marketing, graphic design, and strategy management. 

The final way to volunteer: Work your good deeds into your daily routine. For example, pick up trash when you walk through the park, buy food for the local soup kitchen or do a little yard work for an elderly neighbor.

Getting started is easy once you know where to look. I’ll post the links on Tesh.com.